EP. 13: “What’s The Story There?” ft. Tim Harrington

Episode: 13 Guest: Tim Harrington (aka Big Harr) Your Hosts: Teresa Decher & Sara Price All The Goods: Black Friday, Tattoos, Naked Dance Parties, Karaoke, Butt Sex, Nurseries (the plant kind), Props to the Homeless, The Printing Press Manager, Sara the Mascot, and Confessions from a Restaurant . Episode 13 — What’s The Story There? Right Click & Download […]

EP. 03: “The Fish Whisperer”

Episode: 3 Your Hosts: Teresa Decher & Sara Price All The Goods: Bumpin’ Gangsta Rap, Fish (dead and alive), Pets, Goths vs Abercrombie & Fitch, Junior High Days, Dark Times, Vomit, Jumpsuits, Fishing, Whole Foods (yet again), and Showin’ Love. Episode 03 — The Fish Whisperer Right Click & Download