Creator and evil mastermind behind “My Awkward Life” podcast. Went through a gothic and punk phase in junior high. Parents were terrified. Has a strong affinity towards bunnies. Huge Diablo 2 nerd, and refuses to play Diablo 3 for fear of having completely no life instead of mostly no life. Says “bomb diggity” on a regular basis. Hates showering. Loves drinking liquid lawn-mower juice. Lisps on occasion for kicks. And can’t sing for shit.

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I am comedian probably because my life is so awkward. I spend lots of time make lists. I wore only Nike jumpsuits for a solid 5 year period of my life. I am a former scholar and collegiate athlete burnout. I love adventure, but not as much as being able to pay my bills. I love flea markets. I’ve been known to ride my purple beach cruiser everywhere. I have a love hate relationship with the sun. Wear sunscreen.

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