EP. 14: “Exposure Therapy” ft. Steve(n) Cohen

Episode: 14 Guest: Steven Cohen (aka Stevezee aka Mountain Goat aka Scowlzy) Your Hosts: Teresa Decher & Sara Price All The Goods: Nicknames fo Dayz, Peeing in Public, Sara’s Business Cards, Christians, Computer Labs and Porn, Teen Angst, Poopin’ in Buckets, Bad Jokes, and Vomiting. Episode 14 — Exposure Therapy Right Click & Download Check out more on Steven: […]

EP. 13: “What’s The Story There?” ft. Tim Harrington

Episode: 13 Guest: Tim Harrington (aka Big Harr) Your Hosts: Teresa Decher & Sara Price All The Goods: Black Friday, Tattoos, Naked Dance Parties, Karaoke, Butt Sex, Nurseries (the plant kind), Props to the Homeless, The Printing Press Manager, Sara the Mascot, and Confessions from a Restaurant . Episode 13 — What’s The Story There? Right Click & Download […]

What Comedy Cave?

Both Sara Price and Teresa Decher are in the process of moving… and no they are not living together. Sadly, there is no Comedy Cave at the moment to record in… The door nook has once more been restored to it’s original door nook-ness. However, we will have a new and improved Comedy Cave next […]